Are you ready to take the first step in building a healthy lifestyle without having to leave the comfort of your home?  Don’t have a lot of equipment?  Short on time?  We’re here to make fitness accessible to all!


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  • Video Chat with your coach – Archie.  We’ll align goals and preferences to build the perfect program
  • Train with custom daily workouts and nutrition coaching.  As you progress, your plan will be adjusted
  • Surpass your goals thru daily feedback via text messages

Once you are set-up for the app and documents are complete, we review and ask additional questions as needed. Based on the information provided in your intake forms and through our communications with you, we create your fitness coaching program. The online personal training program is custom to you, and:

  • Is built around your schedule

  • Offers a variety of exercises appropriate for your goals and interests

  • Follows the principles of exercise programming such as specificity, periodization, progression, variety, etc.

  • Is regularly varied to push your fitness and keep training interesting

  • Is 12 weeks in length

  • Includes all necessary details about what to do and when

We input the functional training plan into your app account. You view the various workouts in the app under the interactive calendar. Every exercise includes a video instructional, how many repetitions, rounds, how long to rest, how to safely perform workouts, etc. As you complete workouts and other tasks such as body stat tracking and video submissions, you track these in the app.

Each day we review your completed workouts from the day before to provide feedback or modify the online training program as needed. The process continues like this for the duration of your time working with us.

You will receive regular communication from us during the week and can send us a message at any time.

All online training programs are ongoing and broken into training cycles of 12 weeks (three months) in length. You can pay for three months or pay month-to-month. Both payment options are recurring until canceled. You can cancel at any time.

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