Waist Trainers and Body Wrapping? Hmmm…

Losing belly fat is often desired based on vanity measures. But it is also issued by health professionals to combat associated risks of metabolic disorders, including heart disease and diabetes. In hopes to shed weight fast, individuals may be turning to stomach wraps marketed on social media web sites. Besides, their promotion as “detox wraps

Build A Good Foundation – Your Body Will Thank You Later.

Most people hear the term “core” and think sleek, sexy six-pack. But core doesn’t just apply to rock-hard abs—it actually describes almost every muscle in your torso. From elite athletes to weekend warriors, everyone can benefit from a stronger core. Think of core muscles as being the foundation for your body (similar to the foundation

The Truth About Toning

Undoubtedly, when I consult with clients and ask about goals, I hear “I want to lose “xx” pounds and tone my “xx”.  While weight loss is certainly a very real goal to tackle, the idea of “toning your muscles” is one of the most misused phrases in fitness. There is no such thing as “toning

What Does That Food Label Actually Tell Me?

What’s black and white but may not be read all over?  It’s a nutrition facts label!  It’s present on nearly every package of food, but not always accounted for.  Let’s take the mystery out of this label and show you all the useful information that it contains. Let’s breakdown the label.  The number of servings